Monday, May 19, 2008

Author of the Week: Edward P. Jones

I wish Edward P. Jones had more books. But because he only has three, I find myself reading everything I can that has been printed by or about him. I read his blurbs, I read his foreword for the new edition of BLACK BOY. I am planning to read his introduction for Being a Black Man: At the Corner of Progress and Peril.

As I always tell people whenever I engage in my Edward P. Jones evangelism, there are plenty of clever fiction writers out there, but the work of Edward P. Jones is truly a lesson in what it means to write from the heart.

Below are some links to a handful of his interviews, profiles, and check out his speech at the 2007 Pen/Hemingway ceremony. Whether with a few words or an entire novel, Edward P. Jones will always make you think, or at least furrow your brow and say: "Hmmm, I never really thought about that in that way." So be warned, you may prematurely age, from brow furrowing.

Five Questions for Edward P. Jones in the NY Times Sunday Magazine.

A profile of Jones' Washington DC.

A terrific interview on After The MFA.

Ever wonder what the "P" stands for? Read this Small Spiral Notebook interview.

On NPR's Fresh Air.

Okay. By now you should get the point. Edward P. Jones is cool, if you didn't already know.

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writeblack said...

Love him.

No, I lurve him. The Known World was brilliant, and All Aunt Hagar's Children was just a hair shy of brilliant.

I even wrote a post that was, in part, about how I wish more people knew about him and his work.


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