Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Author in the News!: William Henry Lewis

Big up to our man William Henry Lewis, author of Pen/Faulkner finalist I Got Somebody in Staunton, for landing a NEA (National Endowment for the Arts) grant. You can read about the prize here, or just read his statement below :

Author's Statement:
This fellowship comes at a time when I am just beginning to unearth the raw material for a suite of books I've wanted to write for some time. The fellowship will provide me smoother access to research opportunities and resources in a way that was not possible before. More to the point, in all of my years of preparing to write this sequence of books, it has only been very recently that I realized a foundation and craft approach that was suitable for this work. I am most grateful that the NEA fellowship serves not only as a confirmation that my work is starting from the right place, but also as encouragement to push that work to a destination I have been imagining for many years. Many, many thanks for an honor that humbles me and challenges me to create more than I could on my own.

Sooooo, hopefully we'll be graced with some new William Henry Lewis publications soon. No pressure. :)

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Phyllis said...

LOL @ the "No Pressure" comment - Let's apply pressure, please! I really enjoyed I Got Somebody in Staunton and have been waiting on the author to offer another fine piece of literature. I guess I'll have to wait -- I'm sure it'll be worth it. :-) Congrats on the grant - it is well deserved!


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