Friday, August 8, 2008

Books We Read Outside of Work

People accuse me of not liking anything. I call it taste. But there are a lot of things myself and our staff do like. And yes publishing folks do find time to read outside of work. Sometimes. Like when we're riding the train or on vacation. Here are some of our staff's recent fiction picks.

Masked Editor (me): A Fraction of the Whole by Australian Steve Toltz. This book is a real riot. A long, rambling debut novel that is so voice drive that the plot almost becomes irrelevant. For whatever reason it hasn't taken off so much in the States, but has been long listed for the Booker Prize. One of my favorite things about this book's marketing push was the trippy book trailer the author made.

Bryan Christian (Marketing Director): The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath. All modern suicide, depression, and manic memoirs owe their publication in some way to Ms. Plath. But being that Prozac, Xanax, etc weren't around then, I believe in The Bell Jar's authenticity a bit more.

Dawn Davis (Editorial Director): Dawn claims she has no time to read outside of work. But I catch her carrying around battered paperback novels in her bag now and then. And one of those novels which she has endorsed is The Inheritance of Loss by Kiran Desai, winner of the 2006 Booker.

Cathy Serpico (Marketing Assistant): Northline by William Vlautin. Cathy endorses both Northline and Willy's other book, The Motel Life.

Next time I'll highlight something even more esoteric: Short Stories we've read.

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